Week 2 Homework Assignment


Given several corrupted images, use a hex editor such as FRHED or xvi32 to find out what is wrong with them and make corrections.  The corrected images should be displayable on Imaging for Windows.  For each image, describe:

            Location of the bytes changed

            Original value

            Corrected value

            Meaning of the field and the change.

week2_1) Use file badpaste.bmp

week2_2) Use file badrose.bmp


week2_3) Look at the file editUndo.bmp, which is in uncompressed format.  The first few bytes are at locations 0x76 - 0xe5.  Convert this part of the bitmap to 4-bit RLE.


week2_4)  Draw a graph representing a sine wave with period 2 milliseconds.  Suppose that you sample the sine wave every 1.2 ms. 

a) Plot the original signal, the sample points, and the aliased signal. 

b) What is the period of the aliased signal?

c) What are the frequencies of the original and aliased signals?




The above are due 10/21/04 at 2:00 PM.