Homework may be turned on paper or via e-mail. It is due at the time the class starts on the due date. E-mail homework must be sent as an attachment with a unique name using the following conventions:

<classname>_<emailname>_<week number assignment



<classname> := cs320

<optionalnumber> is the number of the first exercise contained in the file.


where "extension" is one of:

.txt, .doc for written answers

.xls for Excel spreadsheets

.c, .cpp, .cxx for source files

.h, .hpp, .hxx for header files

.mak for make files

.zip for zip files

.bmp, .pcx, .gif for image files


For example, if your email is astudent@digipen.edu, and you are turning in homework for cs320 where the assignment was made week2, and there are 3 written exercises, there could be 3 attachments:






Or you could turn in all assignments in one document as:



The subject line on the email must be

<classname>_<week assignment made>


Thus cs320_week2



Week 1 Homework Assignment

For the first assignment, 10% of the grade is based on following the proper naming conventions.


Given several images in unknown format, display them.

For each image, state:

Image format (BMP, PGM, TGA, etc.) and version

Image size (width x height)

Binary, gray scale, or color.

Number of bytes of bitmap data

Number of header bytes. (Assume that the header is everything other than the bitmap data)

Describe the image in words.

week1_1) Use file im1

week1_2) Use file im2

week1_3) Use file im3

week1_4) Use file im4

week1_5) Use file im5







The above are due Wednesday 1/14/04 at 2:00 PM.